Farm Body

Strong Back, Soft Front  Investigations into using your body well, for the long haul. For farmers from twenty to ninety.



All you need is love. 

Build gaps in your life. Pauses. Proper pauses.

Advice from Thom Yorke, from Esquire’s What I’ve Learned series – a fine addition to our ongoing archive of wisdom to live by.

Complement with Annie Dillard on presence over productivity

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"Repair is Beautiful" Okay, maybe not the most practical guy… still, gotta like the resourcefulness here.

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Good advice!

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I love where she contrasts the self-help book style from the agricultural era vs the corporate era, e.g. valuing character vs charisma….

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'How to make a quick zine'
1) Using an A4 piece of paper fold it in half both ways
2) Fold sides into the centre making creases
3) Open up again and cut carefully along the middle centre line
4) Refold in half again and push sides into the middle
5) Push until it creates pages
6) Fold so it creates an outside cover and then you should  have a mini zine. Ta-da.


Agriculture : a text for the farm by O.H. Benson and George Herbert Betts ; with illustrations, charts and diagrams. 1915 on Flickr.

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Publication info Indianapolis :The Bobbs-Merrill Co.,c1915.
Contributing Library:University of California Libraries

Can fast food and small-scale local food coexist? Chipotle wants to make the case…. you decide… in any case, another beautiful argument against factory food here.

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Yesterday we harvested more than two and a half pounds of honey from one hive. I was so amazed. I think I finally understand why bees are so interesting - the final piece is in place. (In case you are not astonished already…each worker bee makes only 1/10th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.) Thank you, bees! I love you!

Am a sucker for these process post… honey harvesting in a nutshell here.


Aaron von Frete

A public library keeps no intentional secrets about its mechanisms; a search engine keeps many.

Clive Thompson on how the internet Is making us smarter (via explore-blog)

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These are gates from an old elevator shaft in our building that I want to repurpose as a scrim + overhead trellis for On Being’s green room. Constraints can be good.

Reuse, reuse, reuse!

Women are taking the reins

Breaking the grass ceiling: On U.S. farms, women are taking the reins

Drawn by a desire to feed the world, build community, and find a meaningful life, more and more women are cultivating careers in farming.

Heck yeah.

Does Stretching Do You Any Good?

by Patrick Appel

Maybe not: Just why stretching hampers performance is not fully understood, although the authors of both of the new studies write that they suspect the problem is in part that stretching does exactly what we expect it to do. It loosens muscles and their accompanying tendons. But in the process, it makes […]

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